“There are some people you meet in your lifetime that make an incredible impression, Sonja is one of these special people. I have known Sonja for over 10 years, first as a client when I sought her guidance and then later in a professional capacity when I became General Manager, Golden Door Elysia Wellness Retreat & Spa.

As a long time practitioner at the Retreat Sonja was highly sought after, adored by many and much-admired for her extraordinary sessions. What made these sessions special were the results. The immediate guest rapture, the lightness in their step, much gratitude and phenomenal transformation. Talk of Sonja’s magical sessions flowed through the retreat and guests were quick to seek her counsel. I remember many guests returning, the main reason was to see Sonja. She had a direct and positive impact on the Golden Door’s reputation as one of the best health and wellness retreats not just in Australia but world-wide. In addition to her one on one sessions, Sonja was engaged to work within the business to support organisational change and team development. Her insight and perspective were invaluable.

Sonja is passionate and compassionate. She builds rapport quickly, is highly professional and expertly blends intellect with intuition. A truly gifted individual and a lovely person.” Brigid Walsh


I have been a Naturopath for 20 years.  During that time I have studied and used a wide variety of emotional techniques.

I have not found any of these techniques to be as quick or as dramatic as the emotional work that Sonja does.

Sonja has the unique ability to tune into “you” to enable her to quickly identify and work with any underlying issues.

This coupled with her enormous compassion and undivided attention makes you feel as if your closest friend is guiding you through and out of your own personal maze.

A session with Sonja is extremely powerful.  After only one session my energy and thinking has completely shifted.

I am very grateful to Sonja and cannot thank her enough. Diane Reardon


Every session I’ve had with Sonja has brought breakthroughs that would’ve taken months or years by other means. Her intuition and ability to take me straight to the heart of the issue have brought practical and lasting changes in my world every time.

She brings clarity and wisdom to my questions, but then she takes it one step further and walks me through the process of deep understanding and in-the-moment transformation.

She is full of love, grace and encouragement, but be ready for big doses of reality and honesty as well. She won’t let you get away with anything!

Sonja is extraordinarily gifted and skilled at what she does. You will be in safe, beautiful and completely wonderful hands. Luca Chesney, Artist


I have integrated parts that have been lost for years. I have discovered a true partnership, deep within myself, and it feels like I’m finally coming home. R., Counsellor


My life has changed, I am no longer the person I was 12 months ago.

When I first met Sonja I felt my life was no longer worth living. I was enduring unbelievable pain over the loss of my daughter’s love, the estrangement of my mother and the guilt and anger I carried from a rape when I was 17. I have come to learn acceptance and forgiveness. Sonja has provided me with the tools that have enabled me to move forward with no regrets.

I have the highest respect and love for her as a person and therapist and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.
Jan, Business Owner


Having arrived at a major crossroad in my life, after experiencing some traumatic events like divorce, migration from Europe to Australia at the age of 54, finding out I had MS, made me decide to look for help other than the regular Health Services. I found this help with Sonja Bollnow.

Working with her on all my “issues” was a major task. Turning your life around at the age of almost 60, is no easy goal. But with Sonja’s help I gained an insight in all these problems and situations that I never had before. I could focus once again on a brighter future.

In Sonja I found a very good therapist, very understanding and very compassionate.

I feel my life is back “on track” now. I have come a long way with her help. I have not totally beaten the MS yet, but I know I can!

I have found my inner strength again and there is hope for the future.

Rob, Retired Social Worker